Born in South Korea and growing up in New Orleans, Jesse Elliott has always had a passion for drawing and creating art.  After earning a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts from the University of New Orleans, he now spends much of his time working as a freelance artist.

Jesse's long-time love of geek culture--comic books (graphic novels to you book store patrons), video games, anime and manga, etc., is immediately apparent in his art, in both style and subject matter.  He sometimes throws in references and iconography from his Asian and New Orleanian heritage for good measure.

The term "Rogues' Gallery" refers to a collection of photographs of criminals (think mugshots) used by police for identification purposes.  In Jesse's mind, the term relates to his love of comic books where it is often used to denote a particular hero's group of super-villain antagonists. He also wants to be a badass when he grows up.